The best way to remove fluoride from your drinking water

The Best Way To Remove Fluoride From Your Drinking Water

There are few ways in which you can remove the fluoride from your drinking water.

On the one hand the under sink or benchtop reverse osmosis system, which will take 95 plus percent of fluoride. However, a lot of people don't like reverse osmosis systems because of the wastewater component, but there is an alternative.

If you live in a house alone or with another person and you consume less than 9 litres a day, a gravity benchtop water filter with the UltraCeram cartridge will be a great option for removing the fluoride. This cartridge will take 97 plus percent of fluoride. It filters water very slowly, at about one litre an hour, so it creates a small amount of water. Therefore, if in your house the consume is from 5 to 9 litres per day, a gravity filter with the ultraceram fluoride filter will provide very good quality, great tasting water.

If you live in a house with a big family or you just feel that you need more water, we have the best water filters too. There are some fluoride removal cartridges that come from Omnipure in the USA. These fluoride removal cartridges have been proven and they take out about 97% of fluoride. The only inconvenient of these 10-inch or 9-inch drop-in fluoride cartridges (element filters for housings) is that when you acquire one you must flush this cartridge for at least 10 minutes to get fines out of it. Fines collect on the last cartridge and they block it all up (usually carbon filters are in the last stage). Fluoride removal cartridges can be found in 3 Stage Undersink or Benchtop Water Filters such as:

  • Triple Benchtop with Sediment, Fluoride and Aragon or Carbon.
  • Triple Undersink with Sediment, Fluoride and Aragon or Carbon.
You can rest assured that all this cartridges and systems will remove very well the fluoride from your drinking water.

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