Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why do I need a water filter system?

The water we receive at home undergoes a complex journey through kilometers of aging pipelines, encountering various factors that impact its taste, smell, and particle content. Prior to reaching us, it undergoes treatments like chlorination, introducing a pungent taste and smell.

Additionally, the rise of Emerging Organic Contaminants (EOCs) from human activities, including runoff from agricultural fields, wastewater discharges, and industrial processes, poses environmental challenges. The discharge of pharmaceuticals and micro-pollutants into water bodies heightens concerns about human exposure and public health.

To address these issues and ensure high-quality, great-tasting water, the optimal solution is to install a water filter system at home or office. AquaCo provides various options tailored to your needs and budget.

2. What is the advantage of using a water filter system compared to bottled water?

The expenses at the end of the year will give you the answer to this question. Bottled water is way more expensive than installing a water filter system at home. Moreover, for bottled water, you need to plan to order it, be home when they deliver it, and also pay more compared to on and off tap with the water filter system installed at home.

3. How to select a water filter system?

There are different products available depending on the water quality and quantity required at the premises. Please browse through our website for different products and their application or suitability, etc. If still in doubt, please call us or drop an email. We will help you find the right product.

4. Can I buy a water filter system and accessories online?

YES, just go on selecting the items required and add them to the shopping cart from our website. Once all items are selected, view your order and enter the checkout page by paying the total cost using any of the payment methods available at the checkout. Shipping cost will be added depending on the items selected and delivery destination at the final checkout before making payment. There are no hidden costs associated with the items. Some of the items need to be installed by a licensed plumber, which is the only additional cost.

5. How often do we need to replace the filter cartridges?

Although it depends on the inlet quality of the water, like how turbid or how many dissolved particles are there, etc. The standard recommendation is to replace them once in 12 months.

5. Does the water filter system handle LEAD in drinking water?

YES, all our water filter systems remove LEAD. Lead gets into water from the pipeline or solder used to join the pipe fittings that carry water from the processing plant to residence or office. Lead has a very widely proven hazard on an individual's health, be it an adult or a child. By using our water filtration system, we can eliminate this hazard and enjoy safe drinking water.

6. Can I use rainwater with the water filtration system?

YES, the major contaminants of rainwater are creosote and Giardia cysts. By selecting the right kind of carbon cartridges, we can remove these contaminants from rainwater.

Premium Filters with Aragon are the recommended option to effectively remove Bacteria and Parasites.

7. Is the system Watermark and NSF certified?

Yes, our whole house water filters and undersink water filters are Watermark certified, and all the filters are NSF certified.

8. Can I replace the filters on my own?

Yes, with the help of the delivered spanner tool, the housing body can be turned in an anticlockwise direction to reach the filters and can be replaced with new ones.

9. Does the system come with a warranty?

Yes, our systems come with 5 Years Warranty for parts and any manufacturing defects. The warranty gets extended by following the AMC plan as instructed for the product.

10. Does it require a licensed plumber to do the installation of the system?

Yes, Whole House Water Filters require handling of the main water pipeline to the property, only a licensed plumber is authorized to do the installation. However, maintenance like the replacement of filter cartridges, etc., does not require plumber services. Where there is no handling of the main water pipeline, DIY can be undertaken. Talk to us before making the decision.

11. What payment options are available?

Can be paid using EFTPOS, Online transfer, credit card, PayPal, or on the phone

12. How Do I Reset the LED Battery?