Tools required to install undersink water filter

Tools required to install an Undersink Water Filter

What tools you require to install your Undersink Water Filter?
  • A drill (you are going to drill half inch through the top of the stainless-steel sink).
This is required to install the dedicated tap that connects to the water filter to deliver pure sweet tasting water.
  • Plumbing tape (for wrapping around the thread as you are screwing them together).

This is required to secure that the connection is sealed. 

  • Shifter or spanner to undo and re-connect the braided hose form your cold water line.
  • A pencil to make a small mark where you want to install your faucet.
  • Hose cutter or scissors to adjust the length of your hose.
A hose cutter will create a perfect and straight cut. 
    Click here to see the installation guide

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