What You Need to Know About the Amway Carbon Block Cartridge E84 – E85

What You Need to Know About the Amway Carbon Block Cartridge E84 – E85

The 7" x 4" 0.4 Micron Amway Carbon Block Cartridge E84 – E85 reduces Chlorine, Taste, and Odours, and Heavy Metals.

Connection ► Threaded Connection

Threaded top to screw onto filter housing and create the proper seal.

Size ► 7" by 4"

Accesories ► Includes 2 O'Rings (washers)

What are the Amway E84 - E85 applications?

Compatible with: A101, E84, E-85, E-9225, E-9230, E-9231, E-9233, N5593, E0085, E-9325.
  • Does not fit E-9396, E-9395 - 2045AD.


  • This filter has a dedicated drinking faucet to operate efficiently at 3.4 LPM.


What's the Amway E-84 Filtration Media?

  • When water passes through the Amway Carbon Block Cartridge E84 – E85, water is forced through the small pores of the Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Block Cartridge, where mechanical filtration and physical/ chemical adsorption reduce chlorine, taste and odour, sediments, and a wide range of contaminants of concern including VOCs.
  • The specialised carbon inside this filter reduces the concentration of heavy metals in the water.

How often should I replace the filter?

  • The Amway Carbon Block needs replacing every year or after 5,000 litres of usage.
    • *As tested and verified by manufacturer’s laboratory
    • *Replacement Frequency also depends on water quality and usage.
    • *Carbon filters are recommended to be replaced every year.


    • Note the arrow in the filter which indicates the flow direction
    • Flush the filter with 5 gallons of water before use
    • Replace the filter when filter reaches its capacity

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