What You Need to Know About the Omnipure OMB934 1MPB

What You Need to Know About the Omnipure OMB934 1MPB

The Omnipure OMB934 1MPB is a replacement filter cartridge with a superior filtration media. The filtration media combines coconut shell activated carbon with specialised media to remove heavy metals from drinking water.

Omnipure OMB934 1MPb Carbon Block

Model Number Breakdown OMB934 1MPB

OMB ► OMB Filter Series (Element filter for housings)

934 ► Size, 2.5” by 10”

1MPBMedia Code, 1 Micron superior carbon block with specialised lead removal media

The part number on this filter represents the filter series model (first letters); the length and diameter (first three numbers); and filtration media (last digits).

What are the Omnipure OMB934 1MPB applications?

  • Suits Undersink Water Filters and Benchtop Water Filters with 10" x 2.5" housings or casings.


    • If installed under the sink, this filter needs a dedicated drinking faucet to deliver water at 2.8 LPM.


What's the Omnipure OMB934 1MPB Filtration Media?

  • When water passes through the 1 Micron Omnipure Carbon Block Cartridge with Lead removal media , water is forced through the small pores of the Omnipure Carbon Block Cartridge, where mechanical filtration and physical/ chemical adsorption reduce chlorine, taste and odour, sediments, and a wide range of contaminants of concern —VOCs (pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals).
  • This filter combines carbon, specialised filtration media to reduce heavy metals.

How often should I replace the filter?

  • The Omnipure OMB934 1MPB should be replaced every year or after 9,463 litres of usage.
    • *As tested and verified by manufacturer’s laboratory
    • *Replacement Frequency also depends on water quality and usage.
    • *Carbon filters are recommended to be replaced every year.


    • Flush the filter with 5 gallons of water before use.
    • Replace the filter when filter reaches its capacity.

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