What You Need to Know About the Omnipure WL5515 P

What You Need to Know About the Omnipure WL5515 P

The Omnipure WL5515 P is an Inline Filter with a superior carbon block in the inside.

Model Number Breakdown WL 55 15 P

WL ► WL Filter Series (Quick Change, Wind-Left)

55 ► Size, 2.5” by 10”

15 ► Media Code, 1 Micron superior carbon block with specialised lead removal media

P ► Phosphate within this filter inhibits corrosion and scale.

The part number on this filter represents the filter series model (first letters); the length and diameter (first two numbers); filtration media (last two numbers); and Specialised Media (last letter).

What are the Omnipure WL5515 P applications?

  • Replaces Puretec's QT12R.
  • Replaces Omnipure WL Series Models.


    • If installed under the sink, this filter needs a dedicated drinking faucet to filter water at 1.9 LPM.


What's the Omnipure WL5515 P Filtration Media?

  • When water passes through the 1 Micron Omnipure Carbon Block Cartridge with Lead removal media , water is forced through the small pores of the Omnipure Carbon Block Cartridge, where mechanical filtration and physical/ chemical adsorption reduce chlorine, taste and odour, sediments, and a wide range of contaminants of concern —VOCs (pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals).
  • This filter combines carbon, specialised filtration media to reduce heavy metals, and phosphate to inhibit corrosion and scale.

How often should I replace the filter?

  • The Omnipure WL5515 P should be replaced every year or after 4,731 litres of usage.
    • *As tested and verified by manufacturer’s laboratory
    • *Replacement Frequency also depends on water quality and usage.
    • *Carbon filters are recommended to be replaced every year.


    • Flush the filter with 5 gallons of water before use
    • Replace the filter when filter reaches its capacity
    • Screws: Counter-clockwise; Unscrews: Clockwise

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