Replacing and Changing your Carbon and Sediment Water Filters

Replacing and Changing your Carbon and Sediment Water Filters

Is it time to change your filters? After every year, or when filters have reached their capacity, filters should be changed. Here we will show you how!. Follow the steps in this video to replace your sediment and carbon filters without calling a technician and save hundreds!


If you can't open or watch the video, follow the steps in the description below:

1. Locate your isolating valve connected to your cold-water supply. Turn isolating valve OFF. 

Water Filter Isolating Valve

2. If you have reverse osmosis, locate the tap on top of you tank and turn the tap on top of your tank OFF. Then, go to your drinking faucet and open the tap to release the pressure.

3. Open the housings/casings: Slide the spanner underneath the the first housing (with sediment label) and twist the housing counterclockwise. Once is unlocked, unscrew the housing using both hands.

Maintenance 1


Note: Be careful as the housing will be full of water and quite heavy.

4. Remove the housing, take the old filter cartridge out and empty the housing.

Maintenance 2

5. Remove the plastic/packaging from the new filter cartridge and drop the new filter in the housing.

6. Screw in the filter housing using both hands and tighten it with the spanner. Note: Do not over tighten them or they will be hard to unscrew next time.

7. Repeat the same process with the other filter housings.

8. Once your have replaced the sediment filter and the carbon filters, you can open the isolating valve and the tap on top of your tank.