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9" x 2.5" 0.5 Micron Geyser Aragon Filter Cartridge

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Brand: Geyser

MPN: Aragon 9SL

Filter Type: Filter Cartridge with Aragon Technology


Time to change your filter? Replace your filter and get the 9" x 2.5" 0.5 Micron Geyser Aragon Filter Cartridge. Features Aragon's unique filtration technology which combines mechanical; ion exchange, adsorption; and electric adsorption filtration methods. This filter suits 9" x 2.5" Housings/Casings


– Model: 9" x 2.5" 0.5 Micron Geyser Aragon Filter Cartridge
- Brand: Geyser
- MPN: Aragon  9SL Filter
– Mechanical Filtration: 0.5 Microns. Captures particles greater than 0.5 microns.
– Laboratory tested to reduce ChlorineTaste, Odours, Heavy MetalsChloraminesBacteria, Viruses, and Parasites.
– Designed in Russia and Made in Europe.
– Filtration Media: 3 levels of filtration (mechanical, ion-exchange and sorption).
– Capacity: Needs replacing every 12 months. The filter capacity is 7,000 litres (taking into account multiple regeneration – up to 25000 l).
– Suits 9" x 2.5" Filter Housings. Commonly used in our:
Twin and Triple Undersink Water Filters
Twin and Triple Benchtop Water Filter


Filter size:
9" x 2.5"
Filter type:
Filter Cartridge
Flow rate:
Maximum pressure:
Micron rating:
Operating temperature:
4°C - 75°C



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