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AquaCo CTOP-925SC Countertop Water Filter - Reduces Chlorine, Taste, Odours, Parasites, and Lead.

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Drink pure and filtered water from the AquaCo CTOP-925SC Countertop Water Filter.

– Countertop Water Filter
– Laboratory Tested and Certified for Material Safety and Reduction Claim.
– Two Stage Filtration.
– Exclusively designed to capture ChlorineTaste, Odours, Heavy Metals, and Parasites.
Sediment Filter. First Stage Filter designed to protect and extend the life of the carbon filter.
Carbon Filter. Second Stage Filter designed and made in USA.
– QMP Housing/Casing made in USA.

Filter cartridges are recommended to be replaced every year. However, you can replace the cartridge when rated capacity is reached, or when flow becomes too slow. 

Find out more about the AquaCo CTOP-925SC Countertop Water Filter.


Casing size:
9" x 2.5"
Filter type:
Filter Cartridge
Filtration stages:
Flow rate:
Maximum pressure:
Operating temperature:



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