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AquaCo Stainless Steel Long 3 Way Mixer - Model: 3W-LN-SS

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Avoid drilling a hole for a separate drinking faucet and replace your kitchen mixer with the AquaCo Stainless Steel Long 3 Way Mixer.

If you’re renting and you’re not allowed to drill a hole through your kitchen bench, this is the perfect solution for you. Just put aside your existing kitchen faucet and replace it with a 3 Way Mixer. When the lease finishes, you can take the 3 Way Mixer and the Water Filter System with you and put the correspondent kitchen faucet back.

The AquaCo Stainless Steel Long 3 Way Mixer is a modern, dual handle mixer. This 3 Way Mixer serves you hot and cold mains water from the big handle, and filtered water from the small. There are also two outlets, one for mains and one for filtered, and separate tubes inside the unit too. So there’s absolutely no mixing of sources.

  • Type: 3 Way Mixer (Hot, Cold and Filtered Water)
  • Colour: Brushed Nickel


System dimensions:
Refer to image for dimensions


  • Warranty: 5 Years Warranty when purchased with filtration systems from Water Filters Pty Ltd or 2 Years Warranty when only Mixer is purchased.
  • Maintenance and Care Instructions: Wipe tap with a soft damp cloth only (non abrasive) as needed.
  • Inclusions: Faucet. Escutcheon & O-ring. Mounting Kit. Instruction Sheet.
  • Tap Type: 3 Way Mixer
  • Flow Rate: 7.5 LPM Tap Water Channel, and 3 LPM Drinking Water Channel
  • KPA: 50 – 500 kPa
  • Handle Style: Lever
  • Cartridge: Ceramic Disc
  • Spout Design: Swivel
  • Swivel: Yes
  • Connection: ½” and ¼” braided
  • Tap Hole: 33mm diameter
Notice of Routine Maintenance and Care
  • Use of soapy water and a soft sponge or cloth is recommended.
  • If used with hard water, it is absolutely necessary to clean and dry the faucet immediately after every use.
  • Avoid cleaning with chemicals, solvents, or harsh detergents (THIS MAY SERIOUSLY HARM SURFACE AREA)

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