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  • High Flow Inline Filter System
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High Flow Inline Filter System - One Filtration Stage - For Chlorine, Taste, Odours, and Parasites.

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Drink pure and filtered water from the High Flow Inline Filter System. This system filters all the cold water coming from your kitchen mixer.

No Extra Tap Required - Fits Any Standard Mixer Tap

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About the High Flow Inline Filter System

Easily replaced - just like changing a light globe.
Note: This water filter will not reduce the TDS levels of the incoming water. If you are interested in a filter that significantly reduces the TDS levels, please consider a reverse osmosis system.


15,000 or 10,000 Gallons
Filter type:
Filtration stages:
Flow rate:
Maximum pressure:
Operating temperature:
System dimensions:
100 W x 330 H x 100 D (mm)


  • High Flow Rate - Works at 7 LPM Approx.
  • No Extra Tap required - Connects to existing kitchen tap
Compared to other undersink water filters, drilling a hole is not required as this filter works at the flow rate of your kitchen faucet (7 LPM). Other undersink water filters require a dedicated tap, because they work at 3LPM.