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ROUSA 5 Stage Undersink Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System

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Drink ultra pure mineralised alkaline water from the WFL ROUSA 5 Stage Undersink Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System.

  • NSF Certified and WaterMark approved components.
  • Beautiful Taste and High Capacity Filtration with Natural Volcanic Rocks for pH Alkaline Remineralisation.
  • Installs under your kitchen sink.
  • This filtration system is assembled with a Superior Filmtec Reverse Osmosis Membrane.
  • For optimal protection
  • Removes up to 99% of over 1,000 harmful contaminants like chloramines, fluoride, lead (removes up to 98%), arsenic, asbestos, calcium, sodium and more.
  • 2 Pre-filters: PP sediment filter. Carbon Block filter. They remove large contaminants and protect the RO membrane from chemicals (disinfectants) like chlorine and chloramines.
  • 2 Post-filters: Carbon Block filter. Alkalising filter. They provide the final polishing before the purified water is delivered to the faucet.
  • The Alkalising filter raises the pH+ level and restores water natural alkaline levels.
The end result is great-tasting bottled-water quality.

To download the brochure, simply click here or directly on the image below


Casing size:
9" x 2.5"
Faucet dimensions:
80mm W x 292mm H x 130mm D
Filter type:
Filtration stages:
Flow rate:
Maximum pressure:
Operating temperature:
System dimensions:
360mm W X 430mm H X 200mm D
Tank dimensions:
244mm W x 366mm H x 244mm D


  • 5 YEAR WARRANTY For Parts & Labour*.
  • This system can be oriented horizontally or vertically under the existing kitchen bench.
  • This system is supplied with the tool/spanner to remove the housing for easy filter cartridge replacement.
  • All accessories and adaptors are supplied for standard installation.
  • Certified NSF and WaterMark Approved Components.
  • Carbon Filter Cartridges and Reverse Osmosis Membrane designed and made in USA.
  • High virgin polypropylene housing and cap.