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Water Softening Filter System SEV17 with Premium Pre-Filtration

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Water Softening Filter System

  • Say goodbye to scale build up and hard water stains with our Fully Automatic Water Softening Filter System with Premium Pre-Filtration.
  • Unlike resin softening resin cartridges that only have 2 litres of resin inside, cannot regenerate and need frequent changing, our Automatic Water softener has 28 Litres of resin. It performs automatic regenerations every 17,000 Litres at 100mg/l of hardness, significantly extending the life of the resin, which can reach up to 10 years with proper maintenance.¬†
  • The Water Softening Filter System with Premier Water Pre-Filtration is the perfect package for the most efficient reduction of contaminants commonly found in Bore water, and places with high levels of hardness in the water.
  • The pre-filtration system before the water softener protects the¬†performance of the water softener. The premium pre-filtration system will protect the softening resin inside the softener from¬†chlorine and dirt, and will also remove¬†other contaminants in the¬†water such as industrial solvents,¬†lead, iron, odours, colour, arsenic, bacteria, viruses, parasites and other harmful contaminants.
  • Fluoride, and PFAS, unfortunately, are hard to remove. These ones can only be removed efficiently by a reverse osmosis system. If you are interested¬†in getting a reverse osmosis system with this product, consider the¬†Whole House Water Filtration System and Softener Combo Pro.
  • Click HERE to see all the benefits of installing the AquaCo Automatic Water Softener for your Whole House Filtration.

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Additional Information

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  • Water Softener Vs Salt-Free Softeners
  • Pre-filtration System Components
  • Water Softener Top FAQs
  • ¬†


    Casing size:
    20" x 4.5"
    Filter type:
    Filtration stages:
    Maximum flow rate:
    60 LPM
    Maximum pressure :
    80 PSI
    Operating pressure:
    70 PSI
    Operating temperature:


    • Works for hard water, city water, well water and tank water.
    • Purifies all water (Town, Bore, Dam, and Rain) before entering your home or business. Cleans your water from the source.
    • A WaterMark approved water softener to remove calcium and hardness. Reduces scaling, stains and white marks in your home appliances, tapware, shower screens and glassware.
    • Extend the life of your appliances, including coffee machines, kettles, steamers, and many other appliances and fixtures.
    • Protects your water heater from scale build up in the heating element.
    • No marks or spots after washing your car or solar panels.
    • Clearer and more appealing ice cubes.
    • Removes traces of metals such as copper, iron and manganese, arsenic, lead, aluminium and others.