TOP 11 Whole House Water Filters Questions & Answers

TOP 11 Whole House Water Filters Questions & Answers

If you want to get an answer for your questions about whole house water filters, this article is going to help.

We’re going to look at the TOP 11 Frequently Asked Questions about Whole House Water Filters.

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TOP 11 Whole House Water Filters Questions & Answers

When to change my whole house water filter?

Housing Sumps or filter casings are recommended to be changed every 10 years. However, the replacement frequency of the filter cartridges depends on the size of your filters, usage, filters media and your water quality. The values below are the recommended changing times.

What whole house water filter do I need?

  • For serious scale and hard water issues (Ex. bore water), a water softener with pre-filtration system is required.
  • For chlorine, taste, odour and heavy metals (town/city water) a 2-stage or 3-stage whole house water filter is required (w/ premium filters). 2 stages for 1-bathroom houses and 3 stages for houses with more than 1 bathroom.
  • For viruses, bacteria and parasites (tank water or rainwater) a whole house water filter with disinfection properties is required. Our Full House Filtration has premium filters and can remove bacteria, viruses, parasites and other contaminants found in tank water.

What’s the whole house water filter installation cost?

The installation cost can vary depending your pipe arrangement. 

However, the installation price of our whole house water filter is capped at AUD $600. The installation cost for our water softener with the pre-filtration system is capped at AUD $800.

*Whole house water filters are usually installed outside your house, usually next to the water heater.

Water Softener with Pre-Filtration System

*Installations allow for approximately 8m of copper pipe, non-standard piping arrangement or additional meterage can incur further charges.

Will a whole house water filter remove iron?

Depends on the filters you choose, premium or standard. Only our premium filters remove iron. Our Aragon guard filter is capable of removing iron at concentrations that go up to 0.3 mg/l.  If your iron concentration exceeds this amount, another water treatment system is required.

Does a whole house water filter remove lead?

Carbon filters inside common whole house water filters, do not remove lead. For lead removal, an specialised carbon filter with lead removal properties can capture lead in the water. In this case, only our full house filtration system removes lead in drinking water. Otherwise, with standard filters inside your whole house water filter, like a carbon filter, you will only be removing chlorine, taste and odours.

Does a whole house water filter remove calcium?

Premium filters inside the full house filtration system can help reduce the scale build up, like other salt-free water softeners, but unfortunately, they cannot remove the calcium. Automatic Water softeners instead, are the only laboratory tested filtration method capable of removing the calcium in the water. Salt-free softeners, on the other hand, are believed to remove the calcium, but there is no scientific data to support these claims. 

Can a whole house water filter be installed outside?

Yes, in our experience, 95% of our installations are done outside. Only %5 of installations are done in the garage.


How does whole house water filter work?

Whole house water filters are a Point-of-Entry (POE) filtration system that purifies all the water before entering your house or business. That way all the water coming out of your taps is filtered, preventing you from having separate filters scattered thought your house. Whole House water filters are usually installed outside of your house, next to the water heater, or sometimes in the garage. The location of the system varies depending on your house pipes arrangement.

There are 3 stages in the typical whole house water filter. Each stage has a filter housing containing a filter cartridge.

  • In the first stage, there should be a sediment removal filter made of polypropylene to capture all the rust, dirt, sand, silt, clay, and algae coming from the pipes. 
  • In the second stage, there should be chlorine removal filter made of coconut shell activated to capture chlorine, taste, odours, VOCs and pesticides. 
  • In the third stage, there could be another carbon filter, or an Aragon filter depending on the pollutants that concern you the most.  With the carbon filter, you will achieve a further removal of chlorine; and with the Aragon filter, you will have the removal not only of chlorine, but also, of heavy metals, parasites, chloramines, bacteria, viruses and other contaminants.

Does whole house water filter lower pressure?

In our experience the water pressure before and after the system is the same, this can be seen in the reading of the pressure gauges. However, some people experience a drop in pressure of less than 5%.

Which whole house water filter cartridge is best?

To our knowledge, the best whole house water filter cartridge is the Aragon filter by Geyser, made in Europe. This filter removes the greatest number of contaminants without affecting the water pressure. Also, has quasi-softening properties and disinfection properties, making it ideal for the purification of town water, bore water, and tank water.


Does the whole house water filter remove PFAS?

Unfortunately, filter cartridges inside whole house water filters, can not remove PFAS. The only scientifically proven filtration system that removes PFAS is reverse osmosis. People wanting to remove PFAS can install a reverse osmosis under their kitchen sink for drinking water only.