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AquaCo SYS-203-WAWF Whole House Water Filter System W/ ROCOMP Reverse Osmosis

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Whilst the AquaCo Premium Three Stage Whole House Water Filter protects your family and household appliances from Scale Build Up, Sediments, Chemicals, Heavy Metals, and even Microorganisms, the AquaCo Compact Reverse Osmosis is very effective at removing Fluoride, PFAS, and other hard to remove contaminants found in drinking water.

With the compact reverse osmosis system under your kitchen sink, you'll enjoy a second layer of purification, ensuring that the water you use for drinking and cooking is the purest it can be. This double filtration process removes any remaining impurities, leaving you with water that's not only clean but also crisp and delicious.

About the AquaCo Premium Three Stage Whole House Water Filter

  • New & Improved Integrated rust-proof, anti-flex stainless steel bracket, stand and cover.
  • It really delivers on demand, with a flow that is up to two times faster than traditional filter systems with 10" x 4.5" filters.
  • Four layers of protection (Sediment for the first layer; a Carbon Filter for the second and fourth layer; and an Aragon Filter for the third layer).
  • Exclusive Aragon filter with disinfection properties. 
  • High contaminant holding capacity for long lasting filters*.
  • Excellent bacteria, viruses and parasites reduction.
  • Recommended for medium to large homes.
  • High reduction of Calcium Scale.
  • Works for untreated and treated water (bore water, rain water, municipal, town, or government water).
  • Laboratory results have proven the reduction of Sediment, Chlorine, Taste, Odours, Heavy Metals, Chloramines, Bacteria, Viruses and Parasites after the installation of the system
  • Does not require power.
  • Filters are Tested and Certified by NSF International under NSF/ANSI Standard 42 for material requirements only.
  • System WaterMark Certification No. 23448

To download the brochure, simply click here or directly on the image below

About the AquaCo ROCOMP Compact Reverse Osmosis

  • For a 99.99% fluoride and hardness removal as well as sweet tasting water (Bottled-like water).
  • Since the Whole House Water Filter System works as the pre-filtration system that a regular reverse osmosis needs, the purchase, installation and maintenance of the system will be a fraction of the original price.
  • Effectively raises water pH levels (pH>9).
  • Produces antioxidant and oxygenating qualities.
  • Protects and prolongs life of coffee machines, kettles, hot water dispensers, garment steamers and other appliances.
  • Excellent calcium and hardness reduction.
  • 0.0005 micron ultra fine reverse osmosis membrane filtration.

To download the brochure, simply click here or directly on the image below

About the 3 Way Mixers and Dedicated Drinking Taps

  • If you're building or renovating, it's wise to explore the benefits of a 3 Way Mixer. These innovative fixtures come equipped with three distinct channels: Hot, Cold, and Filtered water. By opting for a 3 Way Mixer, you can eliminate the need to drill additional holes in your countertop for a dedicated drinking tap, as this versatile solution combines all your water needs into a single, convenient fixture.


300000 Litres (POE)
Casing size:
20" x 4.5"
Filter type:
Filtration stages:
Flow rate :
Maximum flow rate:
60 LPM (POE)
Maximum pressure :
90 PSI
Operating pressure:
70 PSI
Operating temperature:
Poe system dimensions:
680 W mm x 800 H mm x 290 D mm (POE)
Pou system dimensions:
200mm W X 300mm H X 200mm D (POU)
Tank dimensions:
244mm W x 366mm H x 244mm D



  • Softer skin and hair
  • More cost-efficient than buying bottled water.
  • Reduces plastic footprint.
  • Reduces scale build up from fixtures and appliances.
  • No smells in home water.
  • Cleaner surfaces, dishes and glassware.
  • Softer and cleaner linens, clothes, and sheets.
  • Great tasting water.